3 Reasons Why Remote Computer Repair May Be Right For You

At Gattai Digital we have been pushing the idea of Remote Computer Repair. If you’ve been browsing our site for a while, you probably already know what it is and how it works. However, just who is Remote Computer Repair for? Is it right for you? Is it really better than having a technician come to your home or taking your computer to a computer repair shop? In this article, we’ll explore 3 good reasons why you might want to give Gattai Digital’s Remote Computer Repair a try today!

1. If You Need Your PC Fixed ASAP

Whether you have a computer in your home or you rely on one for your business, you have stuff you need to get done on your computer. The last thing you need is for your computer to get a virus or have errors when you have a document to finish or a video to create. With 95% of all computer issues being software based, why should you take your computer to a repair shop and be without it for several days? Why would you wait for a technician to come to your home, when you can have it fixed fast over the Internet? Remote Computer Repair is a fast and efficient way to get your computer fixed right away so you can get back to work (or play if that’s what you use your computer for)!

2. If You Are Concerned About Privacy

Yes, if privacy is something you value most, Remote Computer Repair might seem very scary to you. There is always the risk of having your files looked through, the possiblity of scammers putting malware on your system, etc. But think about this, when you leave your computer at a repair shop you run these same risks only you won’t find out about it until it’s too late. Having a technician come to your home is an idea but some people are uncomfortable having strangers in their home or place of business much less working on their computers. With Remote Computer Repair, you can watch your computer get repaired over the Internet with a shared connection. You can show the technician what needs to be done and where not to go on your computer. You can also override the technician at any time and even disconnect them if you feel something isn’t right. Best of all, the tech cannot get back into the computer unless you give permission and run the remote support app again. You can even delete the app if you don’t need it. You are in complete control from start to finish!

Side note: If you are on our Managed Maintenance Plans, we usually keep a remote access app on your computer so we can service your computer easier. If you don’t want that, we can set it up so you have to approve logins before remoting in.

3. You Need Your Computer To Just Work

With our monthly proactive support plans, we can keep your PC maintained over the Internet so that you can avoid problems with your computer in the first place. Sure, you could send your computer to the repair shop or have a technician stop by every month but that would probably get old really quick. Plus, since our maintenance is done over the Internet it’s inexpensive and more efficient to keep your computer running smoothly. For business or home, everyone needs their computer to just work so why not get it maintained through the Internet? Also, if you need help at anytime, we’re here for you!


We hope you found this article interesting and that it gave you some valuable food for thought for when you need your computer repaired or maintained. Keep in mind though, some computer issues are hardware related and can’t be fixed via Remote Computer Repair. Also, if you are having trouble with your Internet connection we may not be able to connect. Don’t let that discourage you though, give us a call anyway! We may be able to walk you through repairing your Internet connection or minor hardware issue, we can even help you talk to your ISP or PC Manufacturer if your PC is still under warranty. Now that’s customer service! If you live in the Manistee County area, we can even do an on-site visit if need be. So give us a try today! You, your PC, and your Wallet will be happy.

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