Watch Out For Tech Support Scammers

A few of my clients have brought to my attention (not to mention it’s been in the news as well) that they have been getting phone calls from foreigners claiming they are from Microsoft and that they have been monitoring their computers and found evidence of a malware attack and want $150 or more to fix it. My clients didn’t believe them and you shouldn’t either. Here are a few reasons why:

  1. Microsoft does NOT have access to your computer for any purpose. They can send updates to your PC but nothing more. And I’m pretty sure Microsoft doesn’t care that your computer is infected with malware enough to call you about it.

  2. No Tech Support provider that you have never heard from previously would call you and insist you have an issue that needs to be fixed on your computer and ask for remote access. Gattai Digital only asks for remote access when you call us and request service.

  3. A foreigner calling from a big company like Microsoft while not uncommon with big corporations still kind of sounds sketchy to begin with.

If you were to let these scammers into your computer, they will take your credit card info and remote into your computer even if there is nothing wrong with your computer to begin with. If you are lucky, they will have stolen $150 or more from you while pretending to do something good to your computer but nothing happened and if you are unlucky, they will install lots of bad malware to your computer so they can keep making money off of you through stealing personal data, serving bad advertisements, or other nefarious means of making money.

If you get a call from one of these people, either hang up on them or tell them you are not interested and to take you off their list.

If you have any doubts as to whether your computer is secure, give us a call at 231-794-2555 or click the button below. We can safely remote in and make sure everything is working smoothly. I wish you safe and happy computing!

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